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Distributed Audio is a very nice feature in your home, especially if you are a music lover. No longer is your stereo localized to a single room, but now it is available throughout the whole house or specific rooms of your choice! Anywhere you go, throughout your home (or business) you can have the same quality and volume to what you are listening to from room to room. Bot to mention speakers are built typically into the ceilings so that none are ever in your way and provide great sound anywhere in the room where nothing obstructs the sound waves.

These systems can be controlled through smart devices or tablets, and are wonderful for countless reasons. Think about cleaning your home, where you go room to room doing a monotonous chore regiment. Think about how mice it would be to listen you your favorite music during the whole process without having to blast it from a single room hoping you can hear it when you get to the far side of your home.

For the Business (commercial) investors, this is a great ambient music system to allow music to softly play in the back ground so there are never any award silence. This is something you may notice many business do such as restaurants, and dealerships. By playing enjoyable music, you increase engagement, customer satisfaction on the visit experience, and traditional sales tend to raise when systems like this are used. These can be hooked up to any Bluetooth device or satellite radio for maximum potential.

Contact us today for a free evaluation on your property to set up the perfect distributed audio system for your home or business today!

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