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Home Automation, also refered to as a Smart Home, is something we can doe for you to increase the quality of life on a daily basis. By adding in various technology throughout your home you are able to not only access and toggle things throught your home, but even set them on schedules! Here are a few of the man examples that Home Automation is capable of doing:

 - Set your alarm to wake up at 7am, when your alarm goes off to start your day the blinds on your windows open up to let sunlight in and help you rise. The coffee pot turns on to get your fresh cup ready and various lights activate to illuminate your way through the house. Your outside leights automatically shut off when the sun peaks over the horizon and your AC/heater changes to a "daytime" setting to save electricity. all this happens and you still haven't left your bed! have everything set so you don't have to do anything but get ready for work and leave. you choose the times you want everything to stay on so lights turn off by themselves, blinds close for home security when you leave, and even all the doors lock automatically to ensure you house is safe, just in case you forget. This is just the tip of the iceberg too.

 - What about wehen you get home? If you get home at a certian time everyday, the AC/Heating can switch on 30 minutes (or however long you desire) prior to your you arrival to have your house your ideal temperature, your garage door can automatically open for you when you enter your driveway and close once you are parked, dorrs can unlock and lock themselves in the same way. Again, your blinds can open up once you get home to let that natural light come in and save yourself on some lighting expense, or have lights turn on if you prefer instead. Your home will literally welcome you home however you desire.

All that is just a single workday from leaving and getting home, but this system can do so much more. Almost anything and everything can be automated to make your life better, easier, and more convenient. Even when you are not home. The system can also be used through smart devices! have you ever gotten to work then the thoght poped into your head, "did i close the garage door?" well with this setup, all you have to do is pull up your device, it will tell you if it is open or closed, and with a push of a button, you can close it right there! Lock doors, check cameras, even turn on a TV to make noise in your home if you see someone "snooping" around you house to give the presence of someone home. If you need to let someone in, say for example if you are on vacation and someone needs to access your home for mail or pets, then you can allow them temporary access through the same devices. Welcome to the future! contact us today for more information!

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