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Why Choose Ultimate A/V?

01. Custom Engineering

FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION - Ultimate A/V is a full-service, custom engineering firm. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions that can cost you more than you need to spend. We would rather sit down with you, analyze your needs and then design a system just for you. Our engineers not only keep up with the latest technology trends, they often are on the cutting edge of development.

02. Full Service Solutions

We will help you from step one until the whole project is complete and take care of everything in between. All we need to know is an idea of what you desire and we will make it a reality. No need to call in extra contractors to do different parts of thew job, we take care of it all for you, hassle free and professionally done. From just building out a  single room and making it the ideal home movie theater to turning your entire home into a smart home with full automation, Ultimate A/V has you taken care of! If you want it you you can dream it up and it has anything to do with home our business technology; we are the company for you. 

03. 25+ Years Experience

We are not a brand new "fly-by-night" company, we are an established business that has a long history of high-quality work that speaks for itself and nothing but happy customers. We have installed security systems with PTZ cameras, built out entire movie rooms complete with projector and in the wall surround sound speakers, automated entire homes and business, and the list goes on. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience you want in your home/business. 

04. Nothing but the Best! - About Us

Ultimate AV was born out of the desire to deliver the best possible customer service and quality to our customers. Our unique blend of empowering our team members and a hands-on approach from our ownership group ensures that every project exceeds our clients’ expectations. We call this philosophy, “Team Ultimate AV.” From the initial client walkthrough through to the client education meeting, Team Ultimate AV, is focused on communication and coordination. Our Design Consultants will help determine a system based on your lifestyle and the level of performance and control you desire in your system. Our project managers will ensure that every detail of your project is conveyed to the rest of our team as well as the other trades on site. Our Engineering Team will test and verify every solution we plan to integrate into your project and will provide you with the documentation to support it. Our Installers are more like craftsmen, and they will make sure that the system looks as good as it operates.

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