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Ultimate A/V

Residential & Commercial

Ultimate A/V is a high-quality reputable company which has over 25 years of experience that specializes in:

  • Home Automation

  • Lighting and Shade Control

  • Home Theaters

  • Distributed Audio

  • and every kind of video

  • and more!

Our Services

Our Servuces

Home Automation is setting up your home to be "smart" by using technology in order to automated and control specific aspects of your home such as cameras, locks, gates, appliances, Heating and A/C systems, the list goes on.

Lighting and shade control is the use of technology to control some or all of your lights (inside and out) or window shades with a push of a button on a smart device like your phone or automatically.

Home theaters can be simple to very elaborate. From TV monitors to Projectors with drop down screens. Audio systems and surround sound speakers are traditionally involved in these builds, but not required. 

Distributed audio is speakers set up through a home or business that allow the playing of audio anywhere in the building.

Camera systems help protect you and your building from criminal acts. These systems are never a bad idea or investment. 

Video needs are pretty much all your other video requests that are not involved in a home theater or media room, like in the livingroom.

Ready to find out more?

Do you have more questions?  Are you ready to get your brand new custom system built for your home or business?  Click the Free Evaluation button below to get started and we will start this hassle-free, zero stress consultation to help you build the system of your dreams, whatever it may be!

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